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Jozef Valovič

My favourite portrait, photo T. Hirner, 2001
My favourite portrait, photo T. Hirner, 2001
Horne Oresany, view from Trnava
Horne Oresany, view from Trnava

born 1942 in Horne Oresany, near Trnava, Slovakia.

During WWII, I lived with my grandparents in Jaslovske Bohunice, then in Bratislava with my parents and brother.

Nuclear Power Plant Bohunice
Nuclear Power Plant at Jaslovske Bohunice

I studied at the Faculty of Nuclear Engineering and Physics of the Czech Technical University in Prague and worked throughout my professional life in the field of nuclear energy.

I started painting in 1979, in an art circle for adults at the Art School in Trnava, led by the renowned sculptor, Joseph Jurca (* Paris 1925 – Trnava 2005).

Joseph Jurča
Joseph Jurča, oil, 2000

Since 1981 I regularly exhibited my paintings at Palette of Trnava, and in group exhibitions with friends in Piestany, Brno and Brussels (on the occasion of Slovakia’s accession to the EU). In 2002 and 2013 I marked my 60th and 70th birthdays with the exhibitions of my life’s art work in Trnava.

Since my studies I had written casual poems, feuilletons and other texts.