Trnavská synagóga ráno

The pages have not been finished yet. However, they can give the visitor the first information about me, my paintings and scripts.

In the web-page title are mentioned only the paintings, as this was my initial intent. The scripts were added later.

Some data about me are included in the Catalogues 2002 and 2012. Texts in the Catalogues are in both Slovak and English languages as they were published.

Step by step, the pages will be complemented and their design will be improved.

The pages are composed of two themes:

  1. The World Through My Eyes/Paintings – the Catalogues issued in 2002 and 2012.  -The paintings not included in the Catalogues will be added later.
  2. Scripts – the book of Sirach shortened for children and other texts – my comments will be complemented step by step.


Many thanks to all who have helped me programme the website and translate some parts into English. I would like to express my particular thanks to Milos Svec for translating the Catalogue 2012 into English; Lucia Fabianová for translating my comments to The Book of Sir; David Shearman for free proofreading of the texts of Catalogue 2012; Ivan Paulicka for supporting me over years in my intention to write reflections on the shortened Book of Sirach based on my experience; Juraj Kmosena for his valuable advice on the texts of the reflections; and to Peter Weber for recalling some facts that I only remembered vaguely from our years at the Nuclear Faculty in Prague.